Megaton Coffee is an upstart coffee brand specializing in roasting highly caffeinated coffee. The brand focuses on athletes and coffee-lovers with active lifestyles who are looking for an extra boost from their daily cup of coffee or an all-natural alternative to energy drinks and pre-workout mixes.

Services Provided

Front-End Development

Customized Shopify Theme

Inventory Automation (Shopify Marketplace)

Best-in-class marketing

Automated Nurture Campaigns


The Megaton Coffee team needed a way to generate brand awareness and loyal customers without having a physical store presence. They knew that their online store was the only chance they would get to create a favorable first impression and to stand out amidst the highly competitive coffee marketplace. This meant that Megaton Coffee needed an eye-catching digital property, clever advertising funnels, and automated workflows to provide a compelling call to action and an exceptional customer experience.

Marketing & Nurture

We used a suite of marketing applications and automated nurture campaigns to tell the brand’s story and convert shoppers into customers:
  • Mail Chimp: automatic email nurture sequences, welcome emails, abandoned cart followup
  • Mail Munch: email opt in on landing page
  • SumoMe: easy software to host contests/giveaways to collect email addresses
  • Product Review: automated collection of customer feedback (5 stars, 4 star reviews etc...)


  • Improved website/design + product review increased revenue by 95% YoY
  • Automated email flows, nurture sequences, and retargeting improved returning customers from 24% to 34%... a 58% YoY increase
  • Giveaways, email capture, and lead magnets allowed us to increase our audience (email newsletter) size by 250% YoY
  • Attractive and appealing visuals for enhanced user experience

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